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Absolutely! Antigua and Barbuda citizens are welcome to visit Turkey, and they are among the eligible nationals who can apply for a Turkish visa.

While Antigua and Barbuda citizens are eligible to visit Turkey, a visa is required for entry. So, before you plan your trip, make sure to obtain a visa beforehand.

Paying the visa fee is easy and convenient. You can explore the various payment options available on our website. Please note that only online payment methods are accepted, and cash payments are not allowed.

If your travel plans to Turkey change and your current e-Visa is no longer valid for the new dates, don't worry! You can apply for a new e-Visa to match your revised itinerary. Just remember that the e-Visa is linked to specific travel dates, and alterations to the existing visa aren't possible once it's issued.

To ensure a smooth entry into Turkey, be sure to apply for a new e-Visa that aligns with your updated travel dates. Applying for a new e-Visa is a straightforward online process, ensuring you have the right travel authorization for your revised plans.

Unfortunately, if you haven't used your e-Visa for Turkey, a refund won't be possible. So, it's essential to plan your trip accordingly and utilize your visa as intended.

You have some flexibility here! It's not mandatory to enter Turkey on the exact date specified in your visa application. The e-visa's validity starts from the date mentioned in your application, allowing you to plan your travel within that period. As long as you enter the country during the visa's validity, you can enjoy your visit to Turkey at your convenience.

Citizens of Antigua and Barbuda have several options for applying for a Turkish visa, depending on their circumstances and the duration of their stay:

  1. e-Visa (for short stays):
    • This is the easiest and fastest option for tourism or short-term business trips up to 90 days.
    • Applications are made online through the Turkish e-Visa website:
    • Requirements: Valid passport, travel details, hotel reservation or invitation letter, and a credit card for payment.
  2. Visa at the Embassy (for more extended stays):
    • This option is necessary for stays longer than 90 days or for purposes other than tourism or business.
    • Applications are submitted in person at the Turkish Embassy in Trinidad and Tobago, the closest mission to Antigua and Barbuda.
    • Requirements: Complete the visa application form, valid passport, travel documents, proof of financial means, and relevant supporting documents, depending on the visa type.
    • Visa fees apply.
  3. Visa on Arrival:
    • Travellers can receive their three-month, multiple-entry visas upon entering Türkiye through its various ports of entry.

The processing time for a Turkish visa for Antigua and Barbuda citizens depends on which method they choose to apply:

  1. e-Visa:
    • This is the quickest and easiest option for ordinary passport holders.
    • Most applications are approved within 1 day, though official processing times are not guaranteed.
    • Submitting your application at least 4 days before your travel date is essential to account for any unforeseen delays.
  2. Visa at a Turkish embassy or consulate:
    • Processing times can vary depending on the workload of the specific embassy or consulate.
    • Generally, processing a visa application takes 3-5 business days, but it could be longer sometimes.
  3. Visa on arrival:
    • Antigua and Barbuda citizens are eligible for a visa on arrival at certain Turkish airports, provided they meet specific requirements.
    • This visa is typically issued immediately upon arrival, but there could be potential delays depending on border control checks.

The cost to get an e-visa for Turkey for Antigua and Barbuda citizens is USD 47. It does not include the processing charges, which may vary as per the processing service you opt for from the following:

  • Standard: No additional charges, and e-visa will be delivered within 3 business days
  • Urgent: Additional charges and e-visa will be delivered within 24 to 48 hours
  • Super Urgent: Premium charges and e-visa will be delivered within 1 to 4 hours