With changing world dynamics, especially in the era of globalization, like other countries, Turkish has also introduced many changes in the visa process. Unlike in the past, now anyone who wants to visit Turkey can avail of the e-visa option in addition to the manual process. The online visa process provides an additional option for its visitors to obtain a visa without visiting the embassy. This is the greatest opportunity provided by Turkey authorities to save both time and energy. Now one can get a visa with one click at the home.

The below-mentioned lists of varieties of documents cover almost all sorts of documents you might need in order to apply for a Turkish Travel Visa. For any special cases, you may need some more additional documents along with the ones mentioned above. For that, please make sure to contact the nearest Turkish Embassy and get help regarding the information by reaching them physically.

Requirements for Turkey e-Visa:

If you are applying for an e-visa instead of an offline visa, you will require the following documents.

  • Passport Copy: You will be required to have a copy of your passport which will be valid for 60 days. There must be at least 2 blank pages in the passport.

    password copy
  • Valid email address: Your email address must be valid so that you can receive the confirmation mail and further documents.

Other than the necessities mentioned, e-visa requires all the documents required for an offline visa as well. You must keep all the necessary documents mentioned above close by to issue any kind of visa (online or offline) for Turkey.

Requirements for Turkey Regular Visa:

Along with the Visa Application form, you will need to submit some documents that are necessary to authorize a visa. The following things are necessary while you lodge for a Turkish Visa:

  • Turkey Visa Application form

    Here, you will need to fill up your name, date of birth, National ID number, Citizenship information, parents’ information, type of passport, duration of stay, information about your children and spouse (if any), and some other information in the visa application form. You will need to submit it along with all other travel documents.

  • Updated Passport

    You must submit your passport which has been updated recently and is valid for the next 6 months after you reach Turkey. It needs to have a blank page where you are going to get the sticker visa sealed. You may also need to submit a copy of previously issued visas, but this is not mandatory.

  • Proof of sufficient financial funds

    You may need to submit a bank statement for the last three months under your account, or under some individual’s account who is going to support your stay finance-wise. Along with it, you will also need to present proof of other income from where you get your salaries and monthly income. And in case someone else is supporting your stay, you will need their details too, along with a letter of support.

  • Proof of residence, hotel reservation, etc.

    If you are staying in a hotel, you will need to show your hotel booking details and the booking letter that confirms it. It should include your entry and exit from the hotel and the address of the hotel too. If you are not staying in a hotel and are invited by a host, you will need to show the invitation proof of the host. The invitation should clearly mention the name, national identity number, designation, address and other personal details of the host.

  • Proof of return flight/ onward flight

    You will be asked to submit how you are planning to go to Turkey and how you are planning to return back. You must include the flight booking details as proof of return and onward flight. You must include your return flight proof with the documents for issuing the visa.

  • Proof of payment of Visa

    You will be required to show the payment slip or receipt of the Visa form to issue the visa. The receipt is to be collected after paying the visa fee. Without the payment proof, the visa will not be approved. If the visa fee is paid online, the receipt is to be downloaded and printed out. Then the receipt is to be attached with other documents required for issuing the visa.

  • Passport size photo

    You can see the details of how a passport picture should be in the ‘Passport / Visa Photo Requirements’ section. You need to submit at least two identical photos along with your visa application. The photo taken for the passport must not be older than three months.

  • Travel Medical Insurance

    Without issuing travel medical insurance, you cannot get a Turkish visa. The health insurance must be in the traveller’s name. The Turkish visa will be accepted only if you have travel medical insurance which is capable of covering €30,000 at least. The insurance also has to be eligible all over the Turkish territory. This will confirm your medical back up all over the Turkish region.

  • A Police Clearance Certificate

    You must gain a Police Clearance Certificate issued by the authorities of your country. It should be mentioned in the document that you were not involved in any sort of crime or criminal activity in the last three months.

  • Extract of the Civil Registry

    You will be required to submit an exact copy of your civil registry certificate for issuing the Turkish visa. Generally, the local registrar's office of the municipality of the birthplace of a citizen has all the civil registry information and certificates. You can get your civil registry from the registrar's office. The passport office requires the complete extract of the civil registry. This certificate has the records of the vital incidents that took place in your life.

  • Student Certificate

    If you are a student of higher education and want to travel to turkey, you will be required to show the student certificate proving yourself as a student of your resident country. This certificate is valid only for students who are already admitted to any academy for education purposes. You can issue your student certificate from the academy you are currently studying in.

Some additional materials are needed for individuals who are under the age of 18. Those are as follows:

  • Birth Certificate

    You will be asked to show your birth certificate in case you are under 18 to apply for the visa. Those who do not own a national identity card must present their birth certificate for issuing the Turkish visa. The birth certificate must prove that you are a citizen of your country. As a guardian, you must submit the child’s/children’s birth certificate(s) for issuing their visa to Turkey.

  • Consent Letter

    If the traveller is under 18, he/she must carry the consent letter issued by their parents. Without displaying the consent letter, the Turkish visa will not be eligible. The consent letter must indicate that the parents are aware of and permit this journey of the traveller (child) to Turkey.

  • Documentations on Custody Rights

    In case the traveller is under 18 and has a third party acting as the guardian, then they must require custody rights documents from their guardian. In absence of parents, the traveller must carry the documents that clearly mention the custody rights of the legal guardian to issue the Turkish visa. This document works as the alternative for the consent letter in case the parents are deceased.

  • Death Certificate of parent/s.

    In case the traveller is below 18 and one or both of their parents are deceased then they must carry the death certificate of the parent/s. The death certificate of the parents is required to issue the Turkish visa if the traveller is unable to present the consent letter of the parents due to them being passed away.

Based on your working status (employed/ unemployed/ employer) you will be required to present some specific documents. They are as follows:

  • Employee: If you are employed under an employer, you must carry the letter proving your status. The letter must signify a guarantee from your employer that you are going to return to your resident country after your travel to Turkey ends. In some cases, you might be required to present your pay slip.

  • Entrepreneur: If you own a business then you will be required to show your trade license and the certificate of the establishment of your company. In some cases, you might be required to submit the bank statement for the last three months of your company.

  • Unemployed: If you are not employed under any employment and your spouse is going to provide for the travel expenses, you must present sufficient documents of your monetary support and other proof.

  • Farmer: If you are a farmer and would like to travel to Turkey for farming purposes, you must show your farmer certificate. A farmer certificate certified by the chamber of Agriculture is required in order to issue a Turkish visa by a farmer.

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