A specifically authorized pass that lets you remain within a country’s territory for a certain number of days, generally over 3 months, upon certain conditions is termed that country’s residence permit. It is issued under a number of circumstances. In the case of a Turkish Residence permit, it lets an applicant stay within the Turkish boundary for longer than three months in half a year. Again, if you have a valid Turkey visa, you do not need a residence permit for up to 90 days.

Not everyone is entitled to apply for a residence permit. If you fall into the following criteria, you will not need to apply for an additional residence permit. Having a Turkey visa will be enough for you to stay within the country’s boundaries.

Being a diplomat that holds office in Turkey: If you are a diplomat of any country and you perform your office activities inside Turkey, you will not require a residence permit within Turkish boundaries. Diplomats from any country functioning in Turkey can enjoy this service.

Having a registration certificate for an international protection application: If you are a migrant to Turkey who is in need of international protection from your resident country, you will need to have a registration certificate for protection from a third country. If you are a holder of the registration certificate for the international protection application, you will not be required to have a residence permit in Turkey. The certificate is valid instead of the residence permit.

Working for representative offices of international establishments in Turkey: If you are working as a representative office of only international establishments inside Turkey, you will not need to carry a residence permit. However, you must show proof of invitation to Turkey or your work permit as a representative to issue the representative visa to Turkey.

Having a special Identity card: If you are a holder of any of the identity cards, you will not require a residence permit.

  • International protection applicant
  • International protection status
  • Statelessness

Residence permits can be categorized into different types, based on the type of visa you get:

There are 6 types of residence permits for staying in Turkey. They are named and described below for your easy understanding:

  • Student Residence Permit

    This permit is specifically designed for students, or individuals who are planning to get enrolled in primary or secondary education in Turkey. This permit is applicable for students aiming for higher education in Turkey as well, which includes, associate degrees, bachelor’s degrees, master’s degrees, doctorate degrees, dentistry training, etc. The student residence permit is not applicable for travelers having a family residence permit.

  • Family Residence Permit

    If your parent/s or spouse is a citizen of Turkey and you are dependent on him/her/them, you can apply for a family residence permit. In this case, the Turkish national/s that you are dependent on will act as the sponsor of your stay. It is also to be noted that the sponsor might have enough income sources to be able to support your stay financially. This matter will also be needed to ensure before you are applying for a family residence permit.

  • Short-term Residence Permit

    This is a common category of residence permit that is applicable to a wide range of individuals, based on their purpose of travel and stay in Turkey. The following events are pertinent to applying for a short-term residence permit.

    • If you would like to establish a business or travel through any commercial connections, you can issue a short-term residence permit.
    • If you are travelling as a tourist.
    • If you are travelling for study purposes or to attend any courses for education purposes in Turkey.
    • If your motive is to perform scientific research.
    • If you are in Turkey to receive medical treatment for your sickness ( note that, your disease must not be considered a threat to public health. You will not receive a short-term residence permit in such a case, however, there are other procedures for such circumstances)
    • If you hold citizenship of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.
    • If you are participating in an in-service training program and travelling to Turkey for continuing the program.
    • If you are an exchange student or participating in such framework programs for students, you can receive a short-term residence permit.
  • Long-term Residence Permit

    A long-term residence permit has indefinite validity. But it is not usually given on a random basis, so you cannot just apply for it unless you have a specific reason to. If you have resided within the Turkish territory for over 8 years without any interruption, only then can you lodge an application for a Turkish long-term residence permit. Here, you have to file for a reasonable cause to get authorized the permit.

    If you are a foreign tourist and intend to stay in Turkey for more than 90 days, you will be required to apply for the Touristic e-visa for that. This is the tourist visa issued to tourists who want to stay inside Turkey for over 90 days.

    Long term permit will not be applicable if you have lived in Turkey for a specific period of time previously as any of the given immigrants

    • Refugee to Turkey

      If you are an immigrant from a foreign country intending to Turkey for refugee purposes from your resident country, you will not receive a long-term residence.

    • A secondary protection status holder

      If you are a foreign citizen holding a secondary protection status and require protection from your home country as a refugee or asylum seeker, then you will not be permitted a long-term residence permit.

    • A humanitarian residence permit holder

      If you are in need of serious medical support regarding physical and mental health and are not capable of receiving proper medication in your home country and get your asylum permit cancelled then you might issue a humanitarian residence permit. If you are holding this permit, you will not be issued a long-term residence permit.

    • Have temporary international protection

      If you are being protected by a third country other than your home country and the destination country, and hold a temporary international protection certificate, you will not be issued a long-term residence permit.

  • Humanitarian Residence Permit

    A humanitarian Residence Permit is a permit granted only in emergency cases. If you are incapable of issuing a proper residence permit in Turkey for any of the unavoidable reasons like not having a valid visa you can apply for a humanitarian residence permit. In case of a delayed deportation decision, you can also switch to a humanitarian residence permit. A humanitarian residence permit is issued only if you seriously require medical attention for physical or mental disease and are unable to receive it in your resident country.

    Note that this permit is granted in emergency cases and you will not be able to issue a long-term residence permit if you have applied for a humanitarian residence permit.

  • Residence Permits for the victims of Human Trafficking

    For the case of you being a victim of human trafficking, being in Turkish territory, you can apply for this type of visa.

Application for a Residence Permit

A residence permit is to be applied for before a month of arrival in Turkey. You have to make sure what kind of residence permit you want. And even before that, you have to decide what type of visa you are going to apply for.

The required documents for the application for a residence permit are as follows:

  • Application form for a residence permit
  • Passport size photographs, 4 in number
  • Original passport, updated with the latest information
  • Copy of passport or travel document that is notarized
  • Financial resources. A written proof that it is sufficient to stay stable throughout your whole stay in Turkey. An amount of at least €500 for each month you stay in Turkey is needed to be presented as proof.
  • Health insurance evidence, proving that you do not fall as a threat to the territory and you do not possess any contagious disease.

Some additional documents, forms, and pictures may or may not be needed, depending on your permit type and visa type. The above documents are only primary documents that are needed for any type of permit or visa.

How to Get a Residence Permit in Turkey

After you arrive in Turkey and have a valid address of staying within the boundaries of the country, you will be required to fill out an online Turkey application form from the official Turkish residential permit website for issuing the residence permit. Afterwards, you will be required to book an appointment date with the Directorate General of Migration Management (DGMM) office according to the time you will be capable of attending. You must have your travel documents or at least the health insurance certificate with you when you will be visiting the DGMM office. It is advised that you visit the permit office two days before your appointment date for completing your documents. On the appointment day, you will be required to submit the original documents required for the permit to the DGMM office where the applicants will review your application form and match your application information and declaration. You will need to pay for the government Turkey visa fee of the permit on the appointment. You might collect your residence permit ID from the nearest PTT post office after the permit is issued.

Necessary Documents for Issuing Residence Permit:

You will require the following documents to issue a residence permit in Turkey

  • An application form for the residence permit
  • Your original passport
  • Four copies of biometric photos for Turkey visa of you
  • Proof of your health insurance
  • Proof of enough financial support for your trip to Turkey (minimum amount is 500 euros)
  • Notarized copy of your passport
  • Notarized copy of all of your travel documents

Residence Permit Issuing Duration:

You must apply for a residence permit within one month of your arrival in Turkey. The application will be approved in a duration of one to three months.

Validity of Residence Permit

Different types of residence permits have different validity time periods, based on the purpose of the visit. The validity duration of the permits is mentioned as follows:

  • A short-term residence permit is valid for a maximum of 2 years at a time.
  • A long-term residence permit is valid for an indefinite period of time.
  • There are a variety of validity visa dates for a student residence permit holder. The students must inform the length of their study period. If the education period is less than 1 year, the validity of the residence permit cannot exceed the education period of the student. If the education period exceeds 1 year, the validity of the residence permit can be more than the education period.
  • The validity of the family residence permit does not exceed 3 years each time.
  • The validity period of the humanitarian residence permit is a maximum of 1 year period.
  • The residence permit for the victims of human trafficking is 30 days.

There are various agencies that you can find online that provide authorized residence permits upon certain conditions. You will have to explain your cause for staying. The simplified website makes it easier to apply for a permit.


By having a residence permit, you can live like a Turkish national during the validity period. Using your residence permit ID card, you can stay for holidays, make contact with Turkish people for future issues, work at an international level company, open a bank account based in Turkey and even change your foreign driver’s license into a Turkish driver’s license.

You are even allowed to make personal or corporate standard investments, establish a company and businesses in Turkey, and search for opportunities in commerce, using the residence permit ID card. The option of buying or renting a house will also be available for you. You will be authorized Turkish residency by the Directorate General Migration Movement of the Turkish Ministry of Interior body. As mentioned earlier, there would be 6 different types of residence permits, based on your situation.

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