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How to get a Residence Permit in Turkey

Foreign entrepreneurs in Turkey require a short-term residence permit, initially valid for up to a year, to initiate businesses and stay temporarily. They can later renew it or apply for a long-term residence permit. In 2023, immigration lawyers specialise in assisting foreign investors with business establishment and immigration processes in Turkey.



Short-Term Residence Permits in Turkey

Foreigners seeking short-term residence permits in Turkey can obtain them through property ownership or business incorporation. To secure this permit, applicants need to submit specific documents to the Immigration Administration, in accordance with the 2023 regulations:

- Completed application form.

- Original and copy of their passport.

- Four passport-sized photos.

- A declaration confirming the availability of necessary resources to stay in Turkey for up to one year, along with supporting documents if requested.

- Proof of property ownership in Turkey (if applicable).

- Valid medical insurance.

We are here to assist foreigners with their immigration to Turkey, facilitate legal and efficient investments in the country, and provide guidance for obtaining permanent residence in Turkey.

Family Residence Permits in Turkey

In Turkey, family residence permits are available for foreign spouses of Turkish citizens and their minor children, including foreign-born children. The sponsoring Turkish citizen must demonstrate sufficient income to support the applicants.

Family Residence Permits in Turkey

  • Applying for a Family Residence Permit in Turkey

To reunite with family members in Turkey, individuals need to obtain a family residence permit. Here are some key points to consider when applying for a family residence permit:

- Refugees and individuals under protection in Turkey also require a family residence permit.

- When one parent has custody of a child, the consent of the other parent is necessary for family reunification in Turkey.

- The family residence permit guarantees access to education in Turkey until the age of 18, at which point it may be replaced with a suitable alternative.

- Initially, the family residence permit is valid for 3 years, with specific conditions for its renewal.

Long-Term Residence Permit Regulations in 2023

In 2023, foreign citizens seeking to extend their stay in Turkey and obtain a long-term residence permit, as an alternative to the short-term permit, must compile the following documents, with assistance from one of our Turkish lawyers:

Long-Term Residence Permit Regulations in 2023

  • Completion of the application form.
  • Submission of the original and a copy of their passport.
  • Provision of two passport-sized photos.
  • Presentation of documentation proving that the applicant has not received any social aid from Turkish authorities.
  • A declaration affirming the availability of necessary resources for a maximum one-year stay in Turkey, along with supporting documents if requested.
  • Proof of property ownership in Turkey, if applicable.
  • Previous residence permit (if applicable).
  • Valid medical insurance.
  • A police record.

Applications for residence permits can be submitted online directly. However, for first-time applicants, an in-person visit to the Migration Office is necessary to present the required documents. 

Residence permits in Turkey are essential for stays exceeding 90 days and can be obtained for individuals, families, students, or humanitarian reasons. Feel free to consult with us if you are considering a move to Turkey.

Details about Touristic Residence Permits

Foreign citizens hailing from countries where a visa is not required for Turkey must fulfil additional requirements. Specifically, they must obtain a tourist residence permit. 

How to apply?

  • Complete an online application form and submit supporting documents to a local immigration office.

What documents are needed?

  • Passport photocopy
  • Passport-size photo
  • Completed application form
  • Proof of financial means
  • Proof of health insurance

    Details about Touristic Residence Permits

  • Rental agreement for accommodation in Turkey

How much does it cost?

  • The fee varies depending on the length of the permit.

How long does it take to get processed?

  • Processing times typically take a few weeks.


  • Stay in Turkey for more than 90 days
  • Travel in and out of the country without a visa
  • Open a bank account and obtain a tax number
  • Enrol your children in Turkish schools

Student Residence Permits in Turkey

For those enrolling in primary or secondary education in Turkey, a student residence permit is available. If you already possess a family residence permit, there is no need to apply for an additional document. 

To apply for a student residence permit, you must submit the following documents to the Directorate General of Migration Management:

  • A completed student residence permit application form
  • A valid passport
  • A letter of acceptance from a primary or secondary school in Turkey
  • A health insurance policy
  • Proof of financial resources

A student residence permit allows you to stay in Turkey for the duration of your studies. It also gives you the right to work part-time to support yourself during your studies.

Hiring Foreign Workers in Turkish Companies

In accordance with Turkish law, companies in Turkey are permitted to hire foreign workers, provided they adhere to the applicable legal regulations. These are as follows:

Hiring Foreign Workers in Turkish Companies

  • Companies in Turkey must adhere to applicable legal regulations when hiring foreign workers.
  • Both a work permit and a residence permit are necessary for foreign workers to conduct activities legally within a company.
  • Companies must apply for a work permit on behalf of their foreign employee.
  • Foreign employees must meet certain requirements to be eligible for a work permit, such as having a valid passport and a job offer from a Turkish company.
  • The Ministry of Labor and Social Security will assess the work permit application based on a number of factors, including the availability of Turkish nationals for the position and the company's track record of hiring and retaining Turkish workers.
  • Once a work permit is granted, the foreign employee must then apply for a residence permit. The residence permit application process is handled by the Directorate General of Migration Management.
  • Companies must already employ at least five individuals to be eligible to hire foreigners.
  • Specific company information documents will be required when applying for a residence permit in Turkey.

Reasons for Denial, Non-Renewal, or Cancellation of a Residence Permit

Residence permits in Turkey may be refused, not renewed, or cancelled in the following circumstances:

  • When the conditions required for a family residence permit are not met or are no longer applicable.
  • If it is determined that the residence permit is being utilised for purposes other than those for which it was originally granted.
  • In cases where there is an existing deportation order or an entry ban in place for the foreign individual concerning their stay in Turkey.

Information on Turkish Health Insurance

Foreigners applying for either a long-term residence permit or a short-term residence permit in Turkey are required to provide proof of health insurance. 

The health insurance policy is valid for a maximum period of 2 years. For further discussions on residency matters in Turkey, feel free to contact our team of lawyers.

Information on Turkish Health Insurance

  • Immigration in Turkey

Immigration to Turkey witnessed a significant decline in 2020, primarily attributed to the ongoing global health crisis. Nonetheless, Turkey has traditionally been open to and supportive of the migration of foreign nationals seeking fresh opportunities.

Here are some migration statistics for Turkey:

In 2018,approximately 3% of immigrants arrived from countries including Bulgaria, Germany, Afghanistan, and Iraq.

Around 15,000 Turkmen citizens immigrated to Turkey during the same year.

In 2019, Turkey recorded roughly 56,000 asylum applications, with the majority originating from countries such as Iraq, Afghanistan, and Iran.


What types of residence permits are available in Turkey?

Turkey offers various residence permits, including short-term, long-term, family, student, business, and medical permits, each tailored to different purposes and circumstances.

What documents are required for a residence permit application in Turkey?

The required documents vary depending on the type of residence permit you're applying for. Commonly, you'll need your passport, application form, photos, proof of financial means, and supporting documents related to your specific permit category.

How long is a residence permit in Turkey valid for?

The validity of a residence permit in Turkey varies by type. Short-term permits are usually for one year, while long-term permits can be up to five years. The duration can also depend on your specific circumstances.

Can I renew my residence permit in Turkey?

Yes, most residence permits can be renewed as long as you continue to meet the eligibility criteria. Renewal applications should be submitted before your current permit expires.

Is health insurance required for a residence permit in Turkey?

Yes, health insurance is typically required when applying for a residence permit in Turkey. The cost should not exceed a certain amount, as specified by Turkish authorities.

Can I work in Turkey with a residence permit?

Yes, depending on your residence permit type, you may have the right to work in Turkey. Work permits are typically issued separately but can be obtained in conjunction with certain residence permits.